We support the advancement of conversations and programs that will help to narrow the skills gap while providing more opportunities for workers to advance in their careers in an ever-evolving economy.

Business owners from companies of all sizes have reported difficulty finding qualified job candidates to fill open positions. Several studies have also pointed to this being a real problem, as businesses work to grow and expand in post-recession America. As Pennsylvania faces the unique dilemma of having an aging population and a growing jobs skills gap, it becomes clear that strengthening our workforce development programs needs to be a top priority if we want to position the Commonwealth as a future economic leader.

Achieving this mission requires a multi-pronged approach from educators, business leaders, students and their families. It begins with the knowledge that a four-year college education isn’t always necessary in order to enter into a rewarding and family-sustaining career; and providing tomorrow’s workers with information that will help them get the training they need to advance in a skilled trade position.

Workforce Resource

Attention students, families, educators and business leaders! Looking to fill a skilled trade position or enter into a rewarding career? Visit the PA Chamber Educational Foundation’s “Start the Conversation Here” website for more information and resources about the good paying, high demand skilled trade jobs that are available in PA.