American Airlines Canceling 2 Flights Daily At Philadelphia International Airport Due To Staffing Shortages

If you have summer travel plans booked with American Airlines, you better check with the airline before heading to the airport. American is canceling hundreds of flights because of staffing shortages.

“I think it feels like freedom a little bit to get out of the house and to go away like we used to,” said Jaime Criscuolo, who is traveling to Disney.

After over a year of living in lockdown, the Land of the Free is once again living up to its name. TSA says it screened more than 2.1 million passengers Sunday – the highest since the pandemic began. The uptick at airport checkpoints validates new data from AAA. They say 71% of the people they surveyed will be taking an out-of-state trip this summer.

Cara Dias and her father Alan are going to Indiana to look at colleges.

“This is a big decision,” Dias said. “Virtual tours are cool but you don’t get the same kind of feel, you know?”

But there’s a problem: American Airlines, the country’s largest carrier, is canceling flights due to pilot shortages, staff sickness, maintenance issues, and weather. The cancellations will affect flights at all airports. At, Philadelphia International its about two canceled flights a day.

These shortages could last into mid-July resulting in nearly a thousand flights being canceled.

American is notifying customers before their departure date of the upcoming changes. They said in a statement they are trying to minimize surprises at the airport. Regardless of some of the setbacks, Dias says it’s great to just get out again.

“We’re excited to be able to go out and travel again, do what we used to do,” Dias said.

Author: Howard MonroePublication: CBS Philly