The top priority for Citizens to Protect PA Jobs is promoting job creation and economic growth.

    In addition, we focus on the issues that directly impact job creation, including education, energy, environmental regulations, healthcare affordability and accessibility, labor laws, lawsuit abuse reform, and tax reform.

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  • Stop New Energy Taxes

    Pennsylvania's Impact Tax - 1.7 Billion Dollars and Growing!

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    Like you, the diverse group of people that support job creation in Pennsylvania - "Citizens to Protect PA Jobs" - desire a quality of life for Pennsylvanians that can only be fully realized when job creation and economic growth are allowed to flourish.

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Top Issues

Workforce Development

Pennsylvania has a workforce problem - a growing skills gap that is making it difficult for employers to find qualified job candidates to fill open positions. We're fighting to close this gap by working with businesses, educators, students and their families to help build the skilled workforce of tomorrow.

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Responsible State Spending

Government should operate within its means: evaluating the effectiveness of current programs; weeding out waste, fraud and abuse in spending; and investing wisely in worthy state-run programs that directly benefit taxpayers.

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Stop New Energy Taxes

Our natural gas industry holds the promise of economic growth and job creation. Additional taxes hinder this opportunity and drive companies to states with friendlier tax climates that share our resources. We're fighting against proposed new taxes on the industry that would pay for more state spending.

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Groups warn Pennsylvania about setting liquor prices 'in secret, behind closed doors'

Eight groups representing wine and spirits producers from Canada, Europe, and New Zealand said the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's ability to negotiate lower prices from suppliers and then decide on its own whether to pass any savings on to consumers violates international trade law.

Pennsylvania: Recipe for nation's most diverse economy includes more than just steel and chocolate

Pennsylvania edged out Texas to claim the title of America's most diverse state economy.

Pennsylvania lags neighboring states in new prosperity rankings

A new study examining prosperity in the United States shows that Pennsylvania finds itself ranked in the middle among all states.

SCCTC launches CDL training program

Elk Lake/SCCTC Superintendent Dr. Ken Cuomo last Thursday morning described the addition of a CDL training program to its offerings as a "win-win-win" situation that will have a positive impact on students, the community and local businesses.

Natural gas fees making 'impact' on multiple fronts

The numbers alone can speak for themselves.

$1.37 Million in State Funding Awarded for Affordable Housing Initiatives in Centre County

Five Centre County organizations have received a combined $1.37 million in state funding to support local affordable housing programs.

Shale gas impact fees raise $252 million, breaking record

Pennsylvania's impact fee on natural gas wells yielded its highest payout to date this year, the Public Utility Commission said on Thursday.

Business, civic group opposes natural gas tax

Business and civic leaders, some from Indiana County, offered a rebuttal Thursday to Gov. Tom Wolf's plan to use what he calls "a commonsense severance tax" on natural gas to finance a $4.5 billion, 20-year "Restore Pennsylvania" bond issue.

Criminal records can be a 'life sentence to poverty.' This state is automatically sealing some.

Research shows that the vast majority of people who could expunge their criminal records never do it.

Pennsylvania starts automatic sealing of some criminal files

Lower-level criminal convictions in Pennsylvania began to be automatically sealed Friday under a state law touted as a way to give offenders a fresh start.

House GOP leaders tout bills aimed at strengthening bonds between higher ed, private employers

Flanked by students attending Dauphin County Technical School, Pennsylvania's GOP House leadership on Monday encouraged the passage of a package of workforce development bills at a news conference at the state capitol.

The bridge between jobs and the labor skills gap is education

It's encouraging to continue to hear Gov. Tom Wolf champion an issue that has been one of our priorities for years:

Pa. got $1B more in taxes than expected. Officials say federal tax changes, online sales taxes made that happen.

Pennsylvania has had a very good year - likely a historic one - for tax collections, earning nearly $1 billion more than anticipated in the fiscal year that ended June 30.

Expert: Pennsylvania corporate tax rate may deter growth

On paper, Pennsylvania has the second-highest corporate net income tax rate in the country, according to a report by the state's Independent Fiscal Office.

Small Business Taxes Explained

Federal lawmakers have proposed tax reform legislation that provides long-overdue relief to small business job creators, which create two-thirds of new jobs in the country.