No severance tax

I am writing to voice my opposition to Governor Wolf’s proposed new energy tax, a severance tax.

I applauded the efforts of our current representatives in the state Legislature to help improve our economy and create an environment where businesses can thrive. That said, Pennsylvania may be paying a lot more unemployment benefits very soon if the governor has his way.

Gov. Wolf and his allies in Harrisburg continue to push for a severance tax that could make energy production harder, more expensive and potentially cost thousands of Pennsylvanians their jobs. Clean-burning natural gas has created high paying jobs for thousands of Pennsylvanians and has generated billions in tax revenue for our local communities. Energy consumption is projected to increase in the United States, which will place a higher demand for reliable and affordable energy sources, ultimately increasing demand for natural gas. We can only expect locally sourced energy to further grow our state economy.

These impact fees are working especially where townships have a low tax base because of low population, large tracks of state forests, and nonprofit entities owning property. They are receiving all the damages, and for the most part, are being compensated through the impact fees. So, I ask our representatives in Harrisburg to continue to do the right thing and vote “No” on a severance tax.

Tammy Robbins
Mount Pleasant Township Supervisor

Author: Tammy RobbinsPublication: The Daily Item