A misguided attack on gas, manufacturing

Mayor Bill Peduto’s attack on the region’s burgeoning natural gas production and manufacturing sector is as misguided as it misleading (Oct. 31, “Peduto: Fossil Fuel Industries Will Take Toll on Pittsburgh Region”). It completely disregards the facts that show Pennsylvania’s industrial sector has substantially reduced emissions leading to significant environmental improvement.

The recent analysis by the Consumer Energy Alliance of the Environmental Protection Agency’s emissions data shows that between 1990 to 2017, industrial pollutants released in the state have plummeted. A few of the many decreases are sulfur dioxide down 92%, carbon monoxide down 77%, fine particulate matter down 45% and carbon dioxide down 18%.

Over this same time period, the state’s economy grew by 177%, vehicle miles traveled per capita increased 10% and in the last 10 years natural gas production soared 1,100%. This report’s data clearly shows that industry’s giant strides in reducing its environmental footprint is not at odds with the development of our clean natural gas resources, the tens of thousands of high paying jobs it sustains, and the lower costs to heat our homes we all enjoy.

Rather than putting the closed for business sign on our region’s vibrant energy sector, the mayor should be touting these facts. We have made real measurable progress in cleaning up the environment, we have a tremendous supply of clean low cost energy, and we have highly skilled trades in our region who want to work and produce products here in Western Pennsylvania. This is one of the region’s success stories that is contributing to a brighter future, we should all be proud to tell.

David Cranston Jr.
Cranston Material Handling Equipment

Author: David Cranston Jr.Publication: Pittsburgh Post-Gazettehttps://www.post-gazette.com/opinion/letters/2019/11/15/A-misguided-attack-on-gas-manufacturing/stories/201911150053?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter_pgopinions