Governor’s initiative contains hidden tax (letter)

Yogi Berra once famously stated, “It’s like deja vu all over again.” The same can be said of Gov. Tom Wolf, who is once again proposing a severance tax for the fifth time in five years. The difference is Wolf is hiding this tax under the shroud of his Restore Pennsylvania initiative.

Pennsylvania is a national leader in natural gas production and already pays an impact fee from production that gets invested into communities throughout our commonwealth. The system that was put in place by Act 13 has worked, and we cannot afford to jeopardize an entire industry that gives back so much to our infrastructure.

Make no mistake, Wolf’s Restore Pennsylvania initiative is just a veil for the administration to spend money on pet projects around the state. Not only does Wolf’s plan not restore Pennsylvania, it jeopardizes Pennsylvania’s economic strength.

David Wallen

Author: David WallenPublication: Lancaster Online