Let’s just drop the severance tax idea, Gov. Wolf

For too long, the natural gas industry has been demonized in our state … having to survive yet another year under threat of a severance tax from Gov. Tom Wolf.

It’s troubling that some of our elected officials continue to try to extract more money from one of our states strongest industries.

Domestically produced energy supports jobs, provides for families, and has led to the revitalization of whole communities across our state.

Domestic energy supports the manufacturing of plastics used in high-tech electronics, renewable energy infrastructure, medical devices, and so much more.

Almost everything around us is somehow influenced, positively, by the natural gas industry. To me, that is the exact opposite of a problem … to me, it sounds like an industry that should be encouraged instead of taxed.

We all know domestic energy companies figure prominently in our economy. They support the employment of more than 10 million people with $1.3 trillion in annual economic output. In the end, this means increases in income taxes, property taxes, sales tax .. is a severance tax really necessary on top of all that revenue?

JEFF VARNER, Swatara Twp.

Former Deputy Director of Communications for Lt. Governor Jim Cawley

Author: Jeff VarnerPublication: PennLivehttps://www.pennlive.com/opinion/2018/07/severance_tax_survival_of_the.html