Wolf’s tax proposal will hurt oil, gas industry

I wanted to express my disappointment with Gov. Wolf’s severance tax proposal. It’s a shame that most people don’t understand that while he says he will fund education, most of that money will go to the Philadelphia School System.

We already have the second largest corporate income tax in the nation. While the governor proposes that we don’t have a severance tax and this is needed, enacting that tax will skyrocket Pennsylvania tax to the highest tax on oil and gas in the nation.

With this high of a tax, there is no doubt these guys would cap the wells and travel elsewhere. I’m sure many people have already taken for granted our low gasoline prices and natural gas prices, but they have been a tremendous help on my pocket book.

Just remember the industry doesn’t need Pennsylvania, but we need them.

Author: Cameron LintonPublication: The Heraldhttp://www.sharonherald.com/opinion/letters_to_the_editor/letters-to-the-editor-for-march/article_a18d88ad-e6ee-5727-b10e-6ab07d883115.html