Lawmakers call on Wolf to end pursuit of higher taxes

State Reps. Jeff Wheeland (R-Dist. 83) and Garth Everett (R-Dist. 84) vehemently called on Gov. Wolf to end his quest for higher taxes and cooperate with legislators to create a realistic budget.

The duo made their case at an event on Thursday in Williamsport.

The legislators called Wolf’s tax-hike tactic “disingenuous” and “offensive.”

“Why this governor continues to promote a tax-raising plan that will hurt our residents is beyond understanding,” Wheeland said. “The House and Senate passed a responsible budget in June which the governor rejected without much thought. Now he comes to Williamsport to claim he is helping taxpayers, which is patently not true.”

Everett agreed and said Wolf’s tax-hike proposals were unanimously rejected by the House in a 193-0 vote, which he said indicates “absolutely no support on either side of the aisle” for his plan, which calls for a 21 percent raise in the personal income tax, 10 percent increase in sales tax and a new 5 percent natural gas severance tax.

“The vote count in the House tells the story,” Everett said. “This proves there is no support for raising taxes. It is time that this gubernatorial grandstanding come to an end and show respect for the people who pay the bills in Pennsylvania.”

The duo indicated that a highly disproportionate share of the proposed education funding increase — nearly one-third — would be designated for Philadelphia’s school district, while their legislative districts would end up paying more in higher taxes than they would receive in partial property tax relief.

“It’s nothing but a bait-and-switch scheme, with the working taxpayers of rural and small-town Pennsylvania paying more to fund the failing big-city school districts,” Everett said.

Publication: Keystone Business News