Letter to the Editor: Say no to severance tax on gas drilling

Gov. Tom Wolf wants to impose a billion-dollar energy tax increase on our state. He hasn’t wasted any time fitting in with the Harrisburg crowd that always wants to raise taxes rather than control spending.

Instead of doing the hard work of setting budget priorities, Gov. Wolf wants to punish the natural gas industry, its workers and consumers with an additional tax.

Indiana County has benefited from the impact fees for the past several years. The total in impact fees received by Indiana County from 2011 through 2014 is $1,240,550, according to www.act13-reporting.puc .pa.gov.

If Harrisburg enacts the severance tax, it will mean an end to the current impact fee structure that’s funding so many good things in our local community.

Instead of our local government using this money, it will flow to Harrisburg to be spent by politicians and bureaucrats in Harrisburg. We know who will benefit if this happens — Philadelphia. Rural counties where shale gas is being produced won’t see much of this money.

Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen. We have to let the governor and our legislators know that we don’t support the severance tax. It’s important that this money stays local and doesn’t end up going to Harrisburg.