These tax hikes will increase energy and phone bills by as much as several hundred dollars annually for millions of Pennsylvanians.

    Contact your House member today and tell them to OPPOSE new and increased taxes on residential and commercial natural gas, electric and phone bills!

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Top Issues

Responsible State Spending

Government should operate within its means: evaluating the effectiveness of current programs; weeding out waste, fraud and abuse in spending; and investing wisely in worthy state-run programs that directly benefit taxpayers.

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Stop New Energy Taxes

Our natural gas industry holds the promise of economic growth and job creation. Additional taxes hinder this opportunity and drive companies to states with friendlier tax climates that share our resources. We're fighting against proposed new taxes on the industry that would pay for more state spending.

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Pa. House sends pared-down budget bill to Senate

Pennsylvania House Republicans on Tuesday sent the Senate a pared-down budget bill over the objections of Democrats and of county commissioners, who warned the funding cuts could lead to property tax increases.

Committee approves liquor privatization bills

In a state Capitol room full of union members opposed to the legislation, the House Liquor Control Committee on Monday approved two bills whose sponsors believe are building on the liquor reforms of Act 39 of 2016.

EDITORIAL: 2 billion reasons to support Sunoco pipeline across Pennsylvania

Ever wonder why the business community and labor unions are such unabashed proponents of building a massive pipeline across the width of Pennsylvania?

'To-go' liquor proposal might get another shot

A key House lawmaker on state liquor policy is "cautiously optimistic" that this could be the year consumers could purchase liquor "to-go" at stores outside the state-controlled system.

Natural gas workers navigate energy's boom and bust

The drilling rigs were hard to ignore.

Pre-election report says any fracking ban would hurt jobs

Any federal ban on fracking for oil and natural gas would cause fuel prices to surge, leading to job losses, higher electricity and gasoline costs and an increased cost of living, especially in top gas-producing states like Pennsylvania, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said in a report issued on Friday.

Nationwide US fracking ban would cause gas price to spike: study

A nationwide US ban on hydraulic fracturing would have a devastating effect on the natural gas industry and the country's economy as a whole, causing prices to spike to $12/MMBtu and resulting in the loss of 14.8 million US jobs by 2022, according to a report released Friday by an arm of the US Chamber of Commerce.

Oped: Some regulations burdensome to natural gas industry

Sen. Wayne Fontana, D-Allegheny, makes a number of misinformed claims in a recent York Dispatch op-ed ("Gas Drillers Must Work with Pa. Communities," Oct. 19) about the natural gas industry's approach to a select number of overreaching...

Wine may be in local grocery stores by November

Grocery companies in Pennsylvania where beer is already sold in limited quantities seemed receptive to the concept of selling wine in their establishments.

Pennsylvania's first major liquor reform bill since Prohibition becomes law

The most substantial overhaul of Pennsylvania's liquor system since Prohibition became law Wednesday, a product of bipartisan cooperation after last year's protracted budget battles.

Gov. Tom Wolf signs sweeping reforms to Pa.'s liquor system

Gov. Tom Wolf signed the most substantial changes to Pennsylvania's liquor system since the 1930s on Wednesday, a possible signal of bipartisan cooperation over next year's budget.

Pa. bill to let supermarkets, restaurants sell wine heads to governor

This fall, for the first time, Pennsylvanians might be able to buy a bottle of Chardonnay in the same store that they buy their Thanksgiving turkey.

Blake bill changes pension oversight

A Lackawanna County senator introduced a bill Monday that gives the state auditor general the job of evaluating Scranton's distressed municipal pension plans for fiscal soundness.

Franklin Regional may see tax increases for next three years

Franklin Regional School District's proposed budget for 2016-17 calls for a 0.75-mill property tax increase, and although that would be one of the lowest tax hikes in 20 years, additional tax increases are expected to be needed the following year and the year after that.

Ill. pension chief to pick investments for Pa. SERS

The Pennsylvania State Employees' Retirement System, which invests $25 billion to help fund 236,000 active state workers' and retirees' pensions, has hired Brian Lewis, executive director of the $20 billion Illinois State Universities' Retirement System, to serve as chief investment officer.

Changes to law, raising age for benefits suggested for Pa. pension reform

Pennsylvania's pension crisis is large, multifaceted and won't be easily alleviated, experts told a gathering of business and government leaders Thursday.

No compromise: Negotiations over taxing Pennsylvania gas drillers break down

Gov. Tom Wolf wants to tax Pennsylvania's natural gas drillers and have that money go to education.

GOP preps a no-tax budget, daring Wolf to veto

The centerpiece of Governor Tom Wolf's state budget died its umpteenth death around a negotiating table this week.

Gene Yaw opposes proposed severance tax on Marcellus Shale drillers

State Senator Gene Yaw recently became the latest Pennsylvania lawmaker to join Speaker of the House Mike Turzai's opposition to Gov. Tom Wolf's proposed 5 percent severance tax on Marcellus Shale drillers.

Matt Baker opposes governor's proposed severance tax on drillers

State Rep. Matt Baker recently joined Speaker of the House Mike Turzai's opposition to Gov. Tom Wolf's proposed 5 percent severance tax on Marcellus Shale drillers in Pennsylvania.