The top priority for Citizens to Protect PA Jobs is promoting job creation and economic growth.

    In addition, we focus on the issues that directly impact job creation, including education, energy, environmental regulations, healthcare affordability and accessibility, labor laws, lawsuit abuse reform, and tax reform.

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Top Issues

Pension Crisis

The $53 billion and growing public pension debt impacts every state taxpayer. We're pushing for reforms to shift the burden away from taxpayers and keep the pension systems sustainable for future state and public school employees.

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Responsible State Spending

Government should operate within its means: evaluating the effectiveness of current programs; weeding out waste, fraud and abuse in spending; and investing wisely in worthy state-run programs that directly benefit taxpayers.

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Stop New Energy Taxes

Our natural gas industry holds the promise of economic growth and job creation. Additional taxes hinder this opportunity and drive companies to states with friendlier tax climates that share our resources. We're fighting against proposed new taxes on the industry that would pay for more state spending.

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$15 minimum wage is a job killer

The bandwagon for a $15-per-hour minimum wage has run head-on into the laws of economics.

Pennsylvania House approves bill to sell state's liquor wholesale system

House Republicans on Tuesday pushed ahead a set of changes to how alcohol is sold in the state, moving to privatize wholesale wine and spirits sales and expand the retail outlets where booze is available.

Northeast needs more gas pipelines, says new report

A new report out this week from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce argues the northeastern United States needs more natural gas pipelines.

Pennsylvania legislators advance alcohol, gambling measures

Harrisburg lawmakers on Tuesday advanced legislation on two issues that could play key roles in budget talks later this spring: liquor and gambling.

Why to prefer pipelines

It's the safer way to transport natural gas and create jobs

Drillers: Permit limbo hurts Pennsylvania's competitiveness

As Pennsylvania's governor touts the potential for billions of dollars in new investment by petrochemical manufacturers, his environmental agency is struggling to process applications to drill the natural gas wells that will be needed to supply the fledgling industry.

Study: State could support up to four more ethane crackers

A study released Tuesday by the governor's office and the Team Pennsylvania Foundation suggests that up to four more ethane crackers could be built in Pennsylvania or Appalachia beyond Royal Dutch Shell's $6 billion petrochemical plant under construction in Beaver County.

Letter to the Editor: Vitali's anti-gas stance hurts his neighbors

In his recent commentary, state Rep. Greg Vitali, D-166 of Haverford, continues to ignore important facts about Pennsylvania's natural gas industry ("Lobbyists, Money Do the Talking for Natural Gas Industry," March 6), which supports tens of thousands of good-paying jobs across the commonwealth and is responsible for dramatic air quality improvements that we all benefit from.

48 wineries have gotten new Pa. wine shipment licenses

For Pennsylvania wine drinkers, having Napa Valley bottles shipped right to their doors has long been a dream.

Wine officially can be delivered directly to Pennsylvania residents' homes

Wine can now be delivered directly to your home if you live in Pennsylvania.

81 Pa. grocery stores, restaurants and hotels approved to sell wine by the bottle: Here's the list

The day when you can buy a bottle of Pinot Grigio or Cabernet Sauvignon at the grocery store in Pennsylvania is closer to reality.

Wine closer to store shelves

Grocery stores that already sell beer can start the application process today to add wine to their shelves.

The new math for public schools: Pensions, charter schools, salaries, more drive up budgets

Increases in pension fund payments, charter school expenses and salaries are driving up school budgets across the region.

State pension pressure: The move to 401(k)-style will come in steps

Defined-benefit pension plans are long gone at most private-sector employers, yet Pennsylvania lawmakers and Gov. Tom Wolf want to retain some form of them for future state employees and public schoolteachers.

Could pension reform vote help pave the way to Pa. budget deal?

Last week, it was the state's infamously restrictive alcohol laws that got an unexpected revision.

State pension fund warns of higher costs

The state pension fund serving teachers and other school employees lowered its official expectations for investment returns, a move that could increase costs for school districts in the coming years.

Gov. Wolf's lawlessness: Break out the handcuffs

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf presented his 2016-17 budget on Tuesday.

Wolf calls for an 'honest budget,' tax increase

Eleven weary months later, Gov. Tom Wolf is about to deliver a second budget proposal that he says will narrowly focus on boosting school funding while raising taxes to pay for automatic cost increases.

Business groups cheer elimination of capital stock and franchise tax

It's rare for a tax to be done away with entirely, but, once in a while, it happens.