The top priority for Citizens to Protect PA Jobs is promoting job creation and economic growth.

    In addition, we focus on the issues that directly impact job creation, including education, energy, environmental regulations, healthcare affordability and accessibility, labor laws, lawsuit abuse reform, and tax reform.

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Top Issues

Pension Crisis

The $53 billion and growing public pension debt impacts every state taxpayer. We're pushing for reforms to shift the burden away from taxpayers and keep the pension systems sustainable for future state and public school employees.

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Responsible State Spending

Government should operate within its means: evaluating the effectiveness of current programs; weeding out waste, fraud and abuse in spending; and investing wisely in worthy state-run programs that directly benefit taxpayers.

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Stop New Energy Taxes

Our natural gas industry holds the promise of economic growth and job creation. Additional taxes hinder this opportunity and drive companies to states with friendlier tax climates that share our resources. We're fighting against proposed new taxes on the industry that would pay for more state spending.

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Zippo lights the way on pension reform

The state Senate recently took the first steps toward passing a significant overhaul of Pennsylvania's troubled public pension systems.

The Atlantic Sunrise pipeline is a path to prosperity for Pa.

Pennsylvania has endured structural changes in the bedrock industries of our state's economy.

We're long past 'how did we get here' on pensions - now it's time for real fixes

The analysis of Pennsylvania's pension crisis by Miriam Fox (PennLive, May 8 "This is the pension reform issue no one is talking about") was intriguing.

Oped: State lawmakers should free our spirits

The season of backyard barbecues is upon us.

Guest view: Why the energy industry in Pennsylvania has no time to lose

As president of the Pennsylvania Chemical Industry Council, I have been closely following the accelerating pulse of energy development in the state and beyond for many years.

Report: More than $10 billion invested into region last year, highest amount ever

Companies invested more than $10 billion into the 10-county region last year, the largest capital investment ever recorded in western Pennsylvania, according to the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance.

EDITORIAL: 2 billion reasons to support Sunoco pipeline across Pennsylvania

Ever wonder why the business community and labor unions are such unabashed proponents of building a massive pipeline across the width of Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania study sees $2-3 billion-dollar boost from Sunoco pipeline

As local municipalities, community groups and the Rose Tree Media School District grapple with potential safety concerns regarding the Sunoco Logistics Mariner East 2 and 2X pipelines, an independent report released by Team Pennsylvania Foundation has outlined the economic benefits of the natural gas resources it will carry.

Pa. makes a mark in direct-to-consumer wine market

Pennsylvanians last year embraced their new ability to have wine from across the country shipped directly to their homes.

Erie beer stores to sell six-packs, singles

New law will allow Pennsylvania beer stores to sell six-packs, singles, growlers starting Tuesday.

Get your corkscrews ready: Wine sales start Tuesday at a central Pennsylvania Sheetz

Make sure your corkscrews are in a convenient location.

Pennsylvania 1st state to allow direct shipping of wine from abroad

When Pennsylvania lawmakers revised the state's alcohol laws this summer, they gave residents the ability to have wine shipped from any winery in the world to their doorstep.

Why Pensions' Last Defense Is Eroding

Long-term returns for U.S. public pensions are expected to drop to the lowest levels ever recorded

State's public pensions to get scrutiny in audit

Pennsylvania's fiscal watchdog will audit the management of $78 billion in assets by the state's two big public employee retirement systems amid a federal investigation into fees paid to outside firms that invest billions of taxpayer dollars.

Pennsylvania's state retirement systems are in for a 'stress test' from the Auditor General

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale said Monday he is launching a performance review of the state's two major public sector employee retirement systems.

Auditor General DePasquale announces review of Pennsylvania's pension systems

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale said Monday that his office will be auditing the state's two retirement systems that manage nearly $80 billion to make sure they are operating as efficiently as possible.

Don't let fee boost landfills

Low oil and gas prices are good for consumers.

Another Pa. budget that'll never be

NOT TO UNDULY alarm anyone, but it appears that Pennsylvania never will have a budget again, at least not one from Democratic Gov. Wolf and the current Republican legislature.

Wolf asks for more taxes in 2016-17 budget proposal

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf unveiled on Tuesday a $33.3 billion budget proposal for the 2016-17 fiscal year.