The top priority for Citizens to Protect PA Jobs is promoting job creation and economic growth.

    In addition, we focus on the issues that directly impact job creation, including education, energy, environmental regulations, healthcare affordability and accessibility, labor laws, lawsuit abuse reform, and tax reform.

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  • Stop New Energy Taxes

    Pennsylvania's Impact Tax - 1.7 Billion Dollars and Growing!

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    Like you, the diverse group of people that support job creation in Pennsylvania - "Citizens to Protect PA Jobs" - desire a quality of life for Pennsylvanians that can only be fully realized when job creation and economic growth are allowed to flourish.

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Top Issues

Workforce Development

Pennsylvania has a workforce problem - a growing skills gap that is making it difficult for employers to find qualified job candidates to fill open positions. We're fighting to close this gap by working with businesses, educators, students and their families to help build the skilled workforce of tomorrow.

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Responsible State Spending

Government should operate within its means: evaluating the effectiveness of current programs; weeding out waste, fraud and abuse in spending; and investing wisely in worthy state-run programs that directly benefit taxpayers.

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Stop New Energy Taxes

Our natural gas industry holds the promise of economic growth and job creation. Additional taxes hinder this opportunity and drive companies to states with friendlier tax climates that share our resources. We're fighting against proposed new taxes on the industry that would pay for more state spending.

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U.S. Sen. Toomey of Pennsylvania aims to prevent future presidents from banning fracking

Pennsylvania's Republican U.S. senator filed a resolution in Washington last week seeking to keep a future president from meddling with an emerging industry in the state.

Bipartisan efforts further career readiness in Pa.

Good public policy brings people together, creates opportunity, improves quality of life and strengthens our economy.

To help working class, Democrats must recognize value of low-cost energy

It wasn't that long ago that President Barack Obama highlighted the value of natural gas as a bridge to a clean energy future.

Legislation removing state's asset tax law headed to the governor

The Pennsylvania Senate unanimously approved a House bill Wednesday that eliminates an asset tax law that has been on the books since 1935.

Groups vent concerns about RestorePa plan

In her eight years on Ebensburg's borough council, Cecilia Houser has witnessed the gas industry's "Impact Fee" restore area streams, improve a borough park and support fundraising efforts for Hastings Swimming Pool.

Marriage of plastics industry and Penn College flourishing

There is a giant growing in Beaver County in western Pennsylvania.

Gov. Wolf seeks to cap Pa.'s power plant emissions and join regional carbon market

Gov. Tom Wolf plans to join a coalition of regional states to set a mandatory, shrinking cap on the amount of carbon dioxide that can be released from Pennsylvania's fossil fuel power plants.

Pennsylvania Republicans unveil package of proposals to boost energy sector, state economy

Republican lawmakers in Harrisburg are moving forward with a plan they say will help both the state's energy industry and the environment.

The bridge between jobs and the labor skills gap is education

It's encouraging to continue to hear Gov. Tom Wolf champion an issue that has been one of our priorities for years:

With Erie's changing work environment, officials examine workforce needs

State leaders are listening to concerns about problems facing the workforce.

Report: Tax reform works, leads to job growth and economic prosperity

Tax reforms and transparency laws have turned around entire state economies over the past decade, a recent report by the Institute for Reforming Government (IRG) highlights.

Pa. got $1B more in taxes than expected. Officials say federal tax changes, online sales taxes made that happen.

Pennsylvania has had a very good year - likely a historic one - for tax collections, earning nearly $1 billion more than anticipated in the fiscal year that ended June 30.

Expert: Pennsylvania corporate tax rate may deter growth

On paper, Pennsylvania has the second-highest corporate net income tax rate in the country, according to a report by the state's Independent Fiscal Office.

Small Business Taxes Explained

Federal lawmakers have proposed tax reform legislation that provides long-overdue relief to small business job creators, which create two-thirds of new jobs in the country.